Two Officers Get More Than They Ordered On Their Lunch Break. Here’s What Happened.

Officer Rance Quinn is a dedicated police officer, who for the past 20 years has risked his life to protect those of civilians. But because of the recent backlash towards law enforcement, this officer began to feel the sting of harsh criticism.

The officer explained, “I know we’re unwanted but it makes us feel like we’re under-appreciated.”

But then something happened to restore the officer’s faith in the goodness of the civilians that he serves to protect.

On his lunch break, he and fellow officer, Captain George Sims, decided to grab a bite at a nearby Chili’s.


Halfway through their meal, they were approached by a teenage girl. The young lady placed a napkin on their table and walked off.

The officers were at first puzzled, but then touched by what had happened. When they looked down at the napkin, they noticed that something was scribbled on it.

It read, “Thanks for keeping us safe.”


The officer was caught completely off-guard by the kind act of this child. He tried to find the girl to thank her but she had already left.

But things then went from good to amazing. It was if the first kind act sparked what followed. Next, a woman with three young kids approached them and told them that her deaf 5-year-old son had always wanted to meet a police officer. The two officers greeted the young boy and helped make his day one to remember. When they finished eating, the police officers were told by the waitress that the table behind them had paid for their meals. It was that same table that left them the note. Before they left the restaurant, the waitress thanked them for their support explaining that she was forever grateful.

The officer shared his story on the Kansas Police Department Facebook page.

He ended his story by saying,


Ever since that day, Officer Quinn says that he carries the napkin with him to remind him why he does what he does.

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