When It’s Time To Bring The Groceries In, This Dog Is There With A Helping Hand (Well..Jaw)

Most loving dog owners will go out of their way to care for their four footed best friends. Buying food, taking them to the vet, going out to play, going on long walks. It’s all part of a dog owner’s responsibility.

In response, man’s best friend is usually there by your side with a big grin and ready for more attention. But what if your dog actually helped you out with your daily chores? One dog owner in Scotland, gets just that.

Their dog, Millie, greets them happily at the door, ready to assist with bringing in the groceries.

I’d consider teaching my pups to do the same, but half the food would be gone by the time the bag arrived to the front door. Heck, I’m still trying to get them house trained.

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