This Nurse Made A Promise To Her Patient That Changed Her Life Forever

Tricia Seaman was caring for her patient, Tricia Somers, for quite some time as she was treated for terminal liver cancer. As a single mother, she became increasingly worried about who would care for her 8 year old son, Wesley. Having no family left to ask, this became a serious problem for her.

Having no where else to turn, Tricia Somers decided she would ask the person she trusted most in this world. That was her nurse, Tricia Seaman. Seaman and the child were spending a lot of time together and, during those lengthy chemotherapy sessions, they began to develop a strong bond.

Seaman gladly agreed to adopt him, when asked by her patient. “God has a plan for our lives. Sometimes we know what that plan is – and we really don’t,” Seaman said.

When Tricia Somers passes, Seaman and her husband will become Wesley’s legal guardians. Able to have easily say that she would be unable to adopt her son, Tricia Seaman defied all expectations and said Yes.

It is exactly these kind of acts of goodness, of heart and love, and of giving and caring for one another that earn people their wings. We all posses these traits. Once in a while, we allow them to make another person feel its presence too. It is those moments that count and make this life one worth living.