Son and mom duo light up the internet when the music starts playing

“This is what you do when you can’t sleep in Louisiana!” Lucy excitedly exclaims. Usually when people are unable to sleep they turn of the TV, read a book, or listen to music. But not Lucy, she steps up to the kitchen-turned dance floor as her son invites her for a dance.

Their cure for insomnia has been making millions of people, all over the internet light up.

Lucy has been dancing with her son ever since he was a young boy. He has clearly picked up on her free spirit and love for music and dancing.

So one night, when Lucy mentions to her son that she’s having yet another sleepless night, Lance decides they are going to have a little fun.

He turns on his phone, sets it on the kitchen counter, turns it up full blast, and begins to play Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband”. Lance, who is now a husband himself and father to two kids, joins his mom on the kitchen dance floor.

As soon as the song starts playing, the pair step to it – with dance moves like you wouldn’t believe. It obvious that Lance has been dancing ever since he could walk. He gracefully and cheerfully leads his mom around the kitchen. In the video, we also see Lance’s daughter cheering them both on!

They end up having such a great time that at one point Lance even falls to the floor, rolling in laughter, as his tickled mother just grins. She has an unmistakable joy beaming from her face – clearly being in that moment with her son is something she will cherish forever. And Lance is more than willing to humor her.

It didn’t take long for millions of people to view this video. People everywhere just love seeing the two of them dancing and enjoying the love of family. Who else learned to dance in the kitchen?

Watch the meaning of family unfold in this darling mother-son moment in the video below.