Take A Look At The Most Purple House In The World

No, your monitors and cell phones are not broken. This house located in the Hillingdon, Middlesex suburb in the UK  looks pleasant and quaint from it’s exterior. With it’s Mediterranean accents, you cannot help to want to see inside. This is where you begin to think that LSD from college is making an appearance again.


Each and every room is splashed with the same, loud purple color. Everywhere you look, you cannot help to ask, what on earth were these homeowners ever thinking?

From the throw pillows, to the drapes, to the accented legs on the side table, this house is nightmarishly purple.

This UK home, selling for a hefty $670,000 has kitchen a purple accented kitchen as well.

We have to acknowledge that this home’s previous owner had a favorite color. This color was purple. Was it Barney, that lovable purple dinosaur’s house?

Many of us are asking why would you ever do this to a really pleasant home? Resale value, Anyone?

Can you get any more detailed here? This must have seemed like a really good idea at the time…

You do have to admit, this home does have a custom touch. We cannot deny it’s special in it’s own purple kind of way.

What do you say as a real estate agent right before you open that front door to prospective buyers? I’ll bet I can tell what your favorite color, em, will be!

For what it’s worth, they spared no expenses on massacring this home in purple everything, and left the exterior as it is. It adds a level of finesse to the excitement of coming home every time and opening that door into a sea of purpleness. For the price, we have to ask, is it negotiable?