Waiter Pays For Police Officer’s Meal, But Never Expected This In Return

It was just another day on the job for police officers in Kemah, Texas, who decided to grab a bite on their lunch break. While the officers were studying their Salt Grass Steakhouse menus, they noticed a teenager looking in their direction. Little did they know the kind surprise that would follow. When the officers went to pay for their meal, their server informed them that it had already been paid for.

Officers were so taken aback by a stranger’s generosity, that they posted their story on Facebook in hopes of thanking the person responsible.


Although the generous donor wanted to remain anonymous, the officers wouldn’t let it go without a proper thank-you. After a bit of digging for answers, they discovered that a Salt Grass server named Travis Allen had paid for their meals.

Not only does Travis work hard for his money, but he is also a college student.


When the police uncovered some of the hardships the young man has endured and his hopes of finishing school, they decided that a thank-you wasn’t enough.

Together, the officers and their community raised $1,300 to help better the young man’s future. When the restaurant found out about it, the company matched the amount raised.

Travis was overjoyed when officers and the restaurant surprised him with a giant check for $2,600.


Travis told reporters why he did what he did.

“They put their lives on the line. They serve you in the community and all this hate and backlash is unfair. I wasn’t looking for recognition. It was to show them that people still care and that not everyone was against them.”

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