A Dog You Can’t Help But Fall In Love With, Sonny the Golden Retriever

Tina Ruvalcaba and her husband are the owners of Sonny, a lovable golden retriever who was the runt of the litter. He’s just like any other dog, except for one major issue they noticed at an early age.

His owners say he would fall over after taking just a few steps. At first they thought he was blind…

But when they took him to the vet, they discovered he had suffered a stroke and was missing a vertebrae.

The breeder offered to exchange him for another dog, but they refused.

“He was our boy and we would do whatever we needed to make his life comfortable and complete.”

Not only did Sonny have caring owners, but his life got even better when his brother needed a forever home and they decided to take him in as well.

How can you not smile. :-)

Sonny is now 9 years old, and thanks to his loving owners has lived a great life.

[h/t: BuzzFeed]

Sonny was lucky to find two amazing owners, and they were blessed to have such a special pup in their life. They’re a perfect match for each other. If you’ve fallen for Sonny too, share this post with your friends using the button below.