Man is mistakenly added to a soldier’s family group chat. What he did next shocked everyone.

Comedian sends 40 pounds of cookies overseas after mistakenly being added to a soldier's family group chat

Mark Chalifoux, a comedian from Ohio, started receiving group chat messages from an unknown family during one of his comedy sets.

The first message was a photo of a little boy with his grandmother.

In an attempt to draw the family’s attention toward the wrong number they had just added, Chalifoux replied, “Looks like he’s having a blast!”

However, the texts continued. The next day, the comedian received a photo of a little boy playing with his toy car… to which he responded:

“I don’t know that I should be part of this, but I’m happy that kid got his car.”

Two weeks later, he received another photo. This one displayed soldiers standing in front of a helicopter, saying that *Christian was shipping out for a six month deployment.

In Chalifoux’s last effort to slyly notify the family that they had the wrong number, he asked who the soldier was. The family just answered the question without asking any themselves.

Apparently Chalifoux was in too deep to back out, so when another message rolled in, with directions on how to send a care package overseas, he wanted to have some fun.


He decided to send a small care package to the mystery soldier. After mentioning the plan on Facebook, several friends wanted to chip in. Chalifoux ended up creating a comedic GoFundMe account, raising $1,615 for Cookies for Christian.

“There are a lot of great charities out there, and a lot of great causes,” Chalifoux wrote. “This is not one of them. This really doesn’t even make much sense if you think about it too long. It’s just a way to do something nice for a total stranger. There’s a lot messed up in this world. Take a minute to put some positive energy out there. Give people something to believe in. And buy some cookies for a guy none of us have ever met.”

*name changed for privacy

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