A Veteran Couldn’t Afford To Get His Dogs Out The Pound. Here’s What Happened When He Went To Visit.

An elderly veteran had come across hard times when he was hospitalized for months after suffering a heart attack. The former soldier and animal-lover was forced to put his dogs, Bailey and Blaze, in a shelter while he underwent treatment.

Because the dogs went so long without a permanent home, the SPCA in Camden, Delaware, placed his two pets for adoption at a PetSmart. To make matters worse, he also owed hundreds of dollars for their temporary boarding.

After recovering, he made his way to the PetSmart store and pleaded with employees to see his pups again and asked for additional time to pay the fee. That’s when one staff member decided that enough was enough.

With the help of volunteers and employees, they were able to return his beloved dogs to him and cover the costs of their boarding.

Lindsay Carrothers
Lindsay Carrothers

They even surprised him with some doggie treats and toys.

The veteran cried tears of joy and sent a kiss to heaven after hearing the news.


He smiled ear-to-ear as his faithful dogs ran to their owner, with tails wagging.

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

They were reunited at last.

Delaware State News
Delaware State News

The kindness didn’t stop there. The veteran has continued to receive donations in the form of food, gas, and gift cards from caring citizens paying homage to the war hero.

A counselor at the adoption center said the heartwarming moment left everyone in tears.

“You could just feel the love those dogs had for him and there shouldn’t have been anything, especially money that should’ve stood in his way to getting his family back.” she said.

Thanks to a small sacrifice from others, a man who sacrificed it all was able to leave with his two best friends.