Woman Watched A Stranger Do This In Walmart. Then She Snapped A Photo And Put It Online.

A woman was shopping in Walmart when she encountered a situation that made her pull out her camera and snap a photo. She says she was stunned when she saw it happening in front of her eyes, and decided to share it with the world on social media.

Check out her Facebook post below.

Sarah Akey

Not something you see every day. At Wal-Mart on 192nd, wandering around after grabbing some necessities. We happened upon this beautiful sight. We were being totally creepy and watched this unfold. And then I walked passed and was able to get this man’s name.

This is Tom. He is a meat department manager. Tom spent over 10 minutes with this sweet woman. Not only helping her pick out shoes, but also helping her try on multiple pairs that she liked and fit her budget. THEN as they finished up, he asked her if she was ready to go to the cash register. She said, “yes yes I am.” To which he replied “great! I’ll take you up there!” and he escorted her away. Not before my 11 year old told him how heartwarming what he did was.

Tom doesn’t get paid commission. He didn’t benefit in any way from taking some extra time and genuinely caring for someone else. He didn’t get paid extra for getting up and down off his hands and knees. But I promise you he made a difference for this sweet woman, and he sure managed to bring my mom, myself, my son, and a couple other less obvious onlookers to tears.


Beautiful. This is the America that we know and love.

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