Tired Mom Of Sick Baby Left Speechless By Waiter’s Actions

Olive Garden Waiter Helps Mom

An Arkansas mom was touched by the actions of her server at a Little Rock Olive Garden restaurant.

The mom, Dallas French, posted about the encounter on Olive Garden’s Facebook.

On July 21, the family stopped in to eat a meal after spending a long, tiring day at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital. French’s 4-month-old daughter had tested positive for E-Coli poisoning and was undergoing follow-up testing.

As anyone who has ever had a sick child can imagine, French was exhausted and hungry and needed a peaceful meal.

French was struggling to eat her own meal while feeding her fussy 4-month-old daughter. That’s when an Olive Garden waiter stepped in and took over the feeding duties so French could eat.

French posted about the encounter to Olive Garden’s Facebook page. Read the post below:

“I forgot to post this Thursday after all that had happened that day I was really out of it (and probably the lack of sleep this past month) but we went to Olive Garden in little rock after Ellees tests at Children’s hospital and she was starving and I was trying to make a bottle and spilled it all over me an the floor and made another bottle and our waiter ( wish I knew his name) watched all that had happened and just had brought our salad and bread sticks and said here let me feed her and you eat.. This melted all of us and this is what we need more of! He fed her I ate my salad and bread sticks and that milk on the floor got cleaned up after we left because he just understood! He didn’t even know what we had went through that day and showed us love an understanding- not irritated that I had made a mess an my baby was screaming… Gosh I wish I woulda got his name because he deserves the recognition!! And it’s the Olive Garden on Rodney parham in little rock AR!”

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