Mom Thought The People Next To Her Were Being Rude. Then She Learned The Truth.

A mother from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, recently shared this experience on Facebook, about an encounter that happened while eating dinner with her three kids. Read the post below:

Ashley Wadleigh

“I decided to take my kids out to eat at Red Robin before going to our school skate night at the ice arena.

I specifically asked for a server I used to work with and the greeter sat us at a table that was very close to another. The woman at the table immediately looked uncomfortable and held her hand over half of her face like she didn’t want to look at us. Her husband got up from the table and whispered something in our servers ear. He then immediately moved them to another table away from us.

Now this wouldn’t be the first time someone moved when they saw 3 kids sit down by them but I couldn’t help but be angry. Like, what do you think my kids are going to do, throw food? Stab you with a fork?

Anyway, I asked my server if they moved because of us and couldn’t help but be annoyed by the whole thing. He bent down to the table and said ‘they recently lost a child.’

In that moment, I felt so ashamed. My heart literally skipped a beat. I felt horrible for her, I felt horrible for judging her. So, I did the only thing I could think, I paid their bill and asked the server not to tell them who it was.

Well, they must have figured it out because as we were leaving she stopped me. Trying so hard to hold back tears she said, ‘Ma’am, I didn’t want you to think because…’ I interrupted and since i was about to cry myself I just gave her a hug and she whispered ‘Thank you’. I told them ‘have a good night.’.

I feel awful for their loss but I’m grateful this encounter happened.

It reminded me to never snap judge someone; you never know what others are going through. It also reminded me to live every moment with my savor the good and bad..because they are here and they are mine. And also to of course always be kind.”


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