Man’s Facebook Post Goes Viral After Witnessing A Firefighter Do This In His Neighbor’s Yard

A man’s Facebook post has recently gone viral after witnessing a firefighter, who arrived to help his ill neighbor, doing something unexpected in his front yard. He snapped a photo and posted the following online.

Kristen Brentzel Tipton

This is a firefighter from The Camp Taylor Fire House. They responded to my 911 call when we found our neighbor unresponsive in his yard. He was cutting his grass and went flat down.

When our neighbor was loaded onto the EMS and everyone else was dispersing I saw one of the firemen grab the lawnmower.

His buddy asked him what he was doing and he said I’m going to finish cutting his grass so when he gets out of the hospital tomorrow and he doesn’t try to do it.

What a kind human being. Where is this thoughtfulness in our society? I will tell you where – the firefighters of Camp Taylor! 🔥 🔥 🔥

fire fighter

Beautiful. Our first responders are the local heroes of our communities. This firefighter deserves all the praise he’s received.

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