Man’s Cancer Goes Into Remission After Caring For An Abandoned Church

It’s been scientifically proven that a positive outlook can help deter disease. Illnesses like liver disease and Cancer are much more likely to kill people that are depressed and hopeless than those that are optimistic. A Minnesota man by the name of Greg Thomas serves as a prime example of this.

Greg Thomas was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the neck and head at age 57. His doctors told him that he had only a few months left before he died. Doctors also told his family to start planning his funeral sooner rather than later.

As time went by, Greg got weaker and weaker.

Even though his body was beginning to fail him, he still found the time to walk his old dog through the Minnesota countryside.


On one walk, Greg came across an abandoned church. After stopping on the front stepts, Greg prayed for a miracle. Then he noticed that the church was in dire need of repair. He proceeded to get the necessary permits, and cleaned up the church with a new coat of paint. Then a miracle happened.

His “death sentence” cancer miraculously went into remission.


Greg plans to fix the entire church, including the interior once he’s completely done with his treatment. Don’t you just love a good ending?

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