A Young Cancer Patient Was Confined To A Sterile Room. Then She Saw This Out The Window.

When two-year-old Vivian fell ill with childhood Leukemia, St. Louis Children’s Hospital became her new home.

The little girl was forced to live in a sterile and virtually isolated environment. It was a far cry from a toddler’s usual comforts.

But her hospital room did have one thing that brightened up the little one’s day–a huge window overlooking a construction site.

Vivian became enchanted with the construction crew.


She was her happiest when she could look down below to watch the men hard at work. Construction workers began to notice little Vivian, and they exchanged smiles waves through the glass. Their precious ritual carried on for days.

But then one day, something amazing happened.

Vivian’s mother noticed that instead of waving, the construction workers were now pointing at something. Her heart melted when she read a message that was spray painted on a construction beam.

It read “Get Well Soon.”


Finally, the construction crew got to meet little Vivian and her family. For Vivian, the workers were an important part of her healing process as they provided comfort and distraction.

And for the construction workers—they too were touched by the beautiful connection. One worker explained, “It touches you. It sets you back for a moment to realize how good your life is.”

Her story is living proof of the power of a simple gesture of kindness.

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