This Officer Just Reunited With A Girl He Saved One Year Ago

It’s an adorable scene. A smiling police officer and a little girl with ringlet curls sit at a tiny table drinking imaginary tea. But it’s not just a pretty picture.

Their tea party symbolizes a unique bond formed after a terrifying event nearly took the youngster’s life.

Chelle Cates Photography
Chelle Cates Photography

In July of 2015, 22-month-old Bexley Norvell stopped breathing when she swallowed a coin. Her mother, Tammy Norvell, immediately called 911 when she saw her baby’s lips turning blue. Rowlett police officer, Patrick Ray, had just gotten off work when he heard a call about an unresponsive toddler. He clocked back in his computer and rushed to the scene.

The officer checked for blockages in the toddler’s throat and cleared her airway. He revitalized her until the paramedics arrived to assist. A body camera he was wearing captured the frightening incident. In the footage, the officer can be heard saying, “Open your mouth. Open your mouth. Thatta girl! Thatta girl!” An x-ray later revealed that she had indeed swallowed a penny.

Her mother told Fox 4 News,

“It was the scariest thing to hand her over to somebody I didn’t know, but I put all my faith and all my trust in him that he knew what to do. It’s so emotional, thinking if it weren’t for him I could be picking out a casket today, living every parent’s nightmare and I’m not.”

Ray visited the little one while she was in the hospital, and Norvell thanked him for everything he had done. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the officer’s heroic act which spared the young girl’s life, the officer hired photographer Chelle Cates to capture the special moment.

The stunning photographs show the two enjoying a toddler’s life and its simple pleasures.

Chelle Cates
Chelle Cates Photography

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