Instead of Issuing A Ticket To A Panhandler, This Officer Helps Change Homeless Man’s Life

Panhandling is illegal in many cities across the U.S.; however, many homeless risk being cited and continue to panhandle in order to survive.

For more than 30 years, Mick Myers has panhandled the streets of California. He’s had many run-ins with police officers. One officer, Deputy Jacob Swalwell had warned Myers that if he sees him panhandling again, he’ll be given a citation.

One day, Swalwell found Myers panhandling yet again. Though Swalwell had warned Myers that he’d be given a citation, he had a change of heart. Instead of issuing Myers a citation, he decided to offer Myers his help.

Swalwell learned that Myers had been homeless for 30 years, didn’t have any children and his only family was his adoptive mother. He also learned that Myers didn’t have a social security card or an I.D. and that he had no one to help him.

Swalwell offered to help Myers get his life back on track. He took Myers to the DMV three times to get his I.D. After realizing that Myers was a senior, Swalwell helped him get signed up for Medicaid and got him set up with social security benefits.

Swalwell even enlisted the help of a private investigator to help locate Myer’s birth family.

After six decades, Myers was reunited with his birth family.

Watch their sweet story below.

With al of the negative portrayals of police officers out there, it’s so heartwarming to see a story about the real good that they do in their communities. If you agree, let us know in the comments and pass this along!