He didn’t know how he’d feed his family. Then this showed up at his door.

The following original story was written by Daily Headline writer, Carla Grace.  This is a must-read.

The Eloise Manor House required an army of servants, and I landed a position as the chimney sweep. Sure it was a dirty and thankless job, but when combined with my wife’s income, it kept enough bread on the table to support my family. For that I was grateful.

When she wasn’t entertaining, Lady Eloise left her house three times a day, to walk her Pomeranian through the gardens. She held her head to the sky and always kept to herself while strolling the mansion’s grounds. Her servants were like background noise.

Every time I saw her pass by, I greeted her with an urgent “Good morning madam,” or a “Lovely day, isn’t it?”

To my chagrin, she never muttered a single reply. She simply walked past like I was another post along her fence.

Was a little common courtesy really too much to ask?

Months carried on and times were rough. My wife had recently lost her job as a seamstress.  And with a baby on the way, we didn’t have enough to eat or to even heat our house. And this winter was one of the coldest in decades.

So I resorted to panhandling. I collected a few dollars here and there, but it was barely enough to keep the lights on.

But then one day, something incredible happened.

On the coldest winter morning, I heard a sudden pounding at the front door. Annoyed by the rudeness of the visitor, I jumped up to see what the fuss was.

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