Bus Driver’s Best Friend is Sweet 4-Year-Old

Unlikely Friendship Goes Viral

Sometimes a beautiful friendship develops in an unexpected way. Such is the case of Milwaukee Transit bus driver John Reed and 4-year-old passenger Sebastina Balisteri.

For months, Balisteri has brightened Reed’s day. Sadly, Reed has now been assigned a new route.  He will no longer be Balisteri’s daily bus driver.

For this last day of the route, Reed wanted to give Balisteri a proper goodbye.  That morning, when Balisteri boarded the bus, Reed had a gift waiting for her.

Reed handed Balisteri a gift bag with a coloring book and a card.  The card read:

“I can honestly say that over the past months you have been my favorite lil bus passenger. Your happy smile and warm Good Mornings have brightened my everyday. I want to thank you for being a GREAT EXAMPLE for others to follow.”

Balisteri’s mother was so touched by the gesture, she posted about it on Facebook.

“Every morning Sebastiana and I take the city bus (Green Line) to school and work,” she wrote. “We try to always take the same bus because we made friends with the driver John.

“She is always super excited to see him, she always wishes him a good morning, and tells him the latest tidbit of news in her 4-year-old life. She wrote him a Valentine, and he gave her one too. They are best buddies.”

Watch Reed and Balisteri’s sweet encounter here:

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