An Elderly Man Approached His Wife On Her Death Bed. Then His Daughter Caught This On Camera.

It’s a rare sight these days… a love that’s lasted a lifetime. For 92-year-old Howard and 93-year-old Laura, their marriage is still as strong as the day they wed—73 years ago.

And although their love is undying, people aren’t. The loving pair was faced with mortality because Laura was diagnosed as terminal. But her loving husband refused to let her die alone.

Instead, he waited by her side and sang to her a sweet serenade in her final moments.

Howard caressed his wife’s face as he sang “their song.”

“You’ll never know just how much I miss you. You’ll never know just how much I care. And if I tried, I still couldn’t hide my love for you. You ought to know, for haven’t I told you so a million or more times?”

The two looked into each other’s eyes and professed their love that will never die.


According to ABC News, Howard’s granddaughter filmed the heartbreaking video. She explained,

“This video is pretty awesome because she’s almost completely blind and he’s fairly deaf, so it’s difficult for them to communicate. This kind of thing between them, singing to each other, wasn’t uncommon in our family. They were always singing and dancing and they’d be very vibrant in that way.”

With a love so pure, it truly can last forever– and will carry on from this realm to the next.

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