A store manager’s reaction to a mom buying two different size shoes for her son has the internet cheering

A Minnesota mom got the surprise of her life when she took her son shoe shopping at an Under Armour store — and got a gift she never could have expected.

Since Landon Pearson was born, he has been facing a serious physical challenge: club foot. Landon’s childhood has been spent in casts and braces, but by the time he turned eight, something miraculous happened. Landon was able, for the very first time in his life, to buy normal shoes like every other kid.

Both Landon and his mom Natalie were beyond excited when they got to make a special shopping trip to an Under Armour store to pick up a pair of brand new sneakers. Landon picked out a bright color yellow and red colored shoe and instantly fell in love.

But when it came time to measure Landon’s feet, it was clear that there was a problem. Store manager Sean Kelly told the family that they would need to purchase two different pairs of shoes, one a size three and another a size six, for Landon. 

“Anyone who knows Landon knows he was born with a club foot and has struggled ever since the day he was born. As he grew older his right foot did, too. However, his left foot being casted so much did not allow his left to keep up. This is when I mentioned his disability he was born with, causing the huge difference. I struggled to hold back tears as I always do, but Landon loved these shoes so I knew regardless I was buying both. I made the comment, ‘Welp we buy both.'”

While Natalie was struggling to keep from crying, something amazing was about to happen.

Sean saw Landon’s joy over the new shoes and his mother’s emotional upset over having to purchase two pairs, so he said something incredible:

“How about I buy a pair and you buy a pair?”

Natalie couldn’t believe it, but Sean bought Landon’s second pair of shoes out of his own pocket. She was floored by the store manager’s generous spirit and act of kindness.

A store manager's reaction to a mom buying two different size shoes for her son has the internet cheering

“Not that we wanted a hand out or couldn’t afford them, but he wanted to do this for a little boy who loved these shoes… Seriously, I’m amazed by how kind people truly can be, to make a kid smile.”

Since Natalie shared the story on Facebook, it has spread all over the internet and given all kinds of people hope that their differences will be met not with rudeness or ignorance, but with kindness. Well done, Sean!