95-year-old WW2 veteran overcomes lifelong fear to teach grandson a lesson

A child scared of jumping off the diving board was taught a little lesson in bravery after a 95-year-old veteran shows him there is nothing to be afraid of by taking the plunge himself.

The Air Force veteran, called Mr. Biss, has served in both World War II and the Korean War and even though he now walks with a cane, when his grandson was too afraid to take the plunge off the diving board, he knew he had to be the one to show the boy how it’s done.

Mr. Biss climbs onto the diving board with the help of his friends – one helping him keep his balance while two others hold the diving board in place to keep it from shaking. He almost loses his balance once or twice but eventually makes it to the edge, flexing his biceps to showcase his courage and strength before belly flopping in an attempted dive into the pool.

The children in the pool squeal in delight as Mr. Biss swims for a few strokes before being helped up and out by two others.

“Little did we know he would actually dive,” said Mr. Biss’ daughter of the incident. “He is very spry for his age. He is full of amazing stories and has song for every situation,” she explained to Rumble.

Since then, Mr. Biss says that he wants his heroism to be seen “around the world,” and this video of his plunge into the pool seems to be doing just that.

Source: Determined 95-Year-Old Military Vet Dives Off Board Into Pool by Happily