Woman Makes It Snow In Texas To Fulfill A Promise To Her Dying Dog

For the most part, Texans don’t usually get to experience a white Christmas. And if it does happen, the measly flakes will usually melt in a couple of hours. And in the summer? Forget about it. Texas summers are as hot as the blistering sun.

But that wasn’t going to stop one dog owner from letting her winter-weather loving dog experience a magical snowfall, for one last time.

You see, Spunky is no longer the young pup he once was–he is slowly dying of cancer.


Spunky and his owner have been friends for many years. They shared a wonderful life together in Wisconsin.

Their fondest memories were adventuring through the snow on winter days, then snuggling up together on frosty nights.

The Dodo
The Dodo

So when it came time to say good-bye to her beloved pal, this dog owner decided to bring Spunky back in time to the good-old-days of his puppyhood. It was a scorching hot day in Texas, but she still made it snow.

In fact, the whole town contributed to making the miracle happen by renting a snow machine.

The Dodo
The Dodo

And seeing the huge grin on this happy dog’s face, made it all worth it.