With a few bricks and $50, create this backyard centerpiece that’ll make your neighbors jealous

Getting the right BBQ set-up for the upcoming warmth of summer is at the top of every home cooking enthusiasts to-do list.

If you have any interest in barbecue parties, backyard cookouts, beers, hot dogs, or general summertime fun then you shouldn’t miss out on this hot DIY summer tip from Instructables.com. All you need are concrete tree rings, a grill, and some dirt and gravel.


Start by making the tree rings into two circles. One larger one on the outside, and one smaller one on the inside of the larger one. Then, fill the gap between the two concrete ring circles with rocks and gravel. At this point, it should already look like a fabulous decorative piece.



In order to make the fire pit part, take a small grill and remove the stand.



Then place the grill inside the innermost ring of your concrete circle pit. That’s it!



The inner pit should hold the grill in place, and give you a perfect tool for grilling, toasting marshmallows, or just general summertime ambience.



It’s super simple and shouldn’t cost more than 50 dollars, so why not give it a try!