Trump Told ‘No Time’ For The National Anthem. So He Did This Instead.

A swarm of people gathered to hear Donald Trump speak at a rally in Anaheim, California. Supporters holding signs filled the auditorium. They were excited with anticipation to hear him deliver his message.

However, before he was allowed to speak to the crowd, the presidential nominee was informed of a scheduling problem. Apparently, there wasn’t going to be enough time for the National Anthem to be sung. But Trump refused to take no for an answer when he announced, “Yes we do; we have time for the National Anthem.” The crowd erupted in applause.

Trump spoke to the young singer who was scheduled to sing, and reassured her, “Guess what, we’re gonna do the National Anthem.” He then introduced the young woman and brought her on stage. Supporters chanted “U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!”

Donald stood by the singer, with his hand on his heart as she delivered a breathtaking rendition of the song. As she hit a perfect high note, the audience cheered her on.

After her performance, Trump thanked her and told her that she has a “great voice.”

Social media blew up after his bold challenge towards the media.

His supporters were proud of the move.

“There is always time to respect Our Country and Our National Anthem! Trump continually shows Pride and Respect for America.”

A few expressed the opposite opinion.

“Trump being Trump. Always selling his fake patriotism in order to pander to the ignorant.”

While others in the middle applauded his actions.

“It SHOULD NOT matter if you support Trump or NOT… If you are an American citizen you SHOULD want the National Anthem sang/played at every event. If you are Dem if you are Rep… You are still an American citizen and you should take pride in your country’s Anthem AND Flag!!!

So taking your political stance out of the question, do you agree that there should always time for the National Anthem and American pride?

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