This Woman Was Rear-Ended At The Stop Light. But Her Reaction? This Is Priceless.

A woman was rear-ended by another car, but had a unusual encounter with the driver who hit her. Her husband described the event on Facebook shortly afterwards.

Read his post below.

My wife was just rear-ended in a car collision.

Let me start this personal message by saying this; don’t worry, she’s fine. But the incident also forced me to take a look at myself and made me realize why I’m so proud of her.

A run of the mill stop light rear-ending. My wife pulled up, stopped, but the lady behind her didn’t.

The crash occurred. When my wife told me about it on the phone, my first instinct was to get mad. “She was probably texting or something, right?!” I yelled.

“… can you stop for a second and let me just tell you what happened?” she responded much more level-headed in tone.

She went on to tell me that as she exited her vehicle, the lady who’d hit her was noticeably agitated. My wife also noticed that she was a cancer-patient, undergoing chemo. Furthermore, she noticed a cross on said woman’s window.

Before she could escalate the situation any further, my wife asked her if she was okay. The first thing my wife did was check on the woman, not her own car. Immediately the woman’s tone changed and she became less angry, more apologetic.

“I wasn’t texting or anything,” she defended herself. “It’s just chemo-brain. I was distracted. I’m so sorry.”

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