This Guy Had A Dream Of A Biblical Flood, So He Built An Exact Replica Of Noah’s Ark

A life-size replica of Noah’s Ark may soon be taking a voyage at sea.

The Dutch carpenter, Johan Huibers, decided to create the ark after having a biblical dream that his town was flooded, much like the flood that led to the creation of Noah’s ark as told in the Book of Genesis.

The carpenter crafted his boat directly according to the Old Testament, and used the same measurements as Noah. The Ark’s of Noah website describes it as being larger than a football field, stretching 410 feet long, 95 feet wide and 75 feet tall. It weighs 2,500 tons and is said to hold more than 5,000 people at one time.

The Ark was crafted to exact biblical standards.

Huibers plans to move the ship by barge from its port in the Netherlands to Brazil as part of an international tour. The dedicated carpenter hopes that the 6,000 mile trek will help spread the Good Word of the Lord.

The Ark is even equipped with replica animal passengers.

On a video on the Ark’s website, he comments, “We want to allow thousands of people who are living in Brazil, underprivileged and orphan children, to experience the hope that comes from this Bible story from the Bible that’s brought to life.”

There is room for all to break bread on this journey.

Rather than an ominous warning of impending floods, Huibers sees his ark’s purpose, as rather, a “journey of hope.”