There’s something hidden in this brick wall and most people can’t see it

Look at this image and describe what you see.

It’s just a brick wall, right?  If that was your first impression, you better check again.

Ever since  Arron Bevin uploaded this perplexing optical illusion, it has been driving people nuts across Facebook.

Look again. Do you see it now?


If not, you’re not the only one.

Many are posting their frustrations as they are utterly confused as to what they are looking for.

The image below will reveal the answer.

cig (1 of 1)

It’s a cigar.

Two commenters described the complexities behind the optical illusion challenge.

The first commenter noted:

“At first glance, the cigar might seem like a gap between the bricks, with a pebble stuck between them.”

The second replied:

“Exactly, because that it what you are expecting to see. Perception sometimes dictates your reality.”

Appearances truly are deceiving. And because we base our reality on how we view the world around us, we are often wrong when it comes to judgment.

Humans are extraordinarily complex and our brains are wired to view things in a way so that we can make sense of the world around us.

The amazing this is, what we see with our eyes usually isn’t accurate at all. It’s all just a trick of the mind.

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