After Seeing This You’ll Never Thaw Out Frozen Steaks Again

Conventional wisdom would tell you that cooking a steak directly out of the freezer is a bad idea. It’ll be overcooked on the outside and raw in the inside right?

While it might hold true for chicken, steak might actually be better when cooked from frozen if you prefer a medium rare or rare cut of steak.

America’s Test Kitchen did an experiment to see whether frozen steaks were any worse than their thawed counterpart. They took two cuts of steak, sliced them in half, and froze them. They then thawed two of those pieces in the fridge overnight and left the rest of them in the freezer.

They cooked the steaks by searing them in a skillet and then putting them in the oven to cook the inside. Unsurprisingly, the frozen steaks took longer to finish, but it was only about 3 minutes more on average.

The frozen steaks were unanimously declared better because there was less overcooked meat and they retained more moisture. If you like your steaks medium well or well done, then you might want to keep on thawing them. But if you like them pink in the middle, straight out of the freezer is the way to go.