Man Buys An Old Gas Station And Transforms It Into A Beautiful Living Space

Defunct gas stations often go abandoned for months (even years!) Because of this, house flippers and renovators target these places specifically. They can be found in prime locations at cut-rate prices, making them great places for renovation.

Robert Guthrie found one such abandoned gas station just outside of the French Quarter in New Orleans. His friends and relatives thought he was crazy, but Guthrie was determined. In the end, he transformed the humble gas station into something truly special.

He redesigned the gas station into a car-themed family home. The lighting sconces are made of old headlights, the toilet paper holders are made from oil can holders, and even the cabinet handles are the emblems of old cars! It’s a classic example of having an idea in mind and sticking to it.

Take a look at the renovated home in the video below.

Guthrie’s home would bring a tear to the eye of any car enthusiast. Robert Guthrie showed that all it takes is a little some creativity and enthusiasm to make something great. Stories like these make you want to start your own home renovation project don’t they?