70-Year-Old Veteran Could Barely Walk Until He Met This Friend

U.S. Navy veteran Jack Cotter has having trouble getting around. After suffering multiple spine and neck fractures, two hip replacements, a knee replacement and a heart attack, Jack everyday was a struggle just to walk.

For Jack, who’s described as “100 percent permanently and totally disabled,” simple daily tasks were difficult.

Jack suffered his injuries during the service. Jack served from 1964 to 1970. During that time, he was severely injured twice. In 1968, a fellow crew member opened a hatch causing an unequal amount of pressure, causing multiple injuries, a similar accident occurred, injuring Jack’s lower spine.

“In those days, if you weren’t bleeding, you weren’t hurt,” he said. Later, once discharged, he endured a spinal injury while playing football.

Fast forward four decades. For the past nine years, Jack is up and moving around with his dog Tucker. Tucker has given Jack reason to move and be active.

Tucker, Jack’s dog agility trained dog, has given Jack a new lease on life. In 2016, Tucker was named No. 1 dog in agility for his breed.

“We go out there and do what we’re supposed to do, and we’re in our own world,” he said about competing in agility with Tucker. “I forget about whatever else is going on, and competing is all that matters. It’s an adrenaline rush that’s hard to describe, but it’s incredible.”

Thanks to Tucker, Jack is working hard to train Jack for current and future agility trials.

“Jack credits Tucker and their agility training for making him fitter, stronger, more motivated, happier and even less forgetful — his memory is better — all testimony to what medical research has reported for decades about the many benefits of physical activity.” TODAY reports.

No doubt, Tucker has given Jack a reason to keep going.

You’re a good boy Tucker!