Even Pat Sajak Can’t Believe What One Contestant Just Did On Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of fortune has been playing on TV screens all across America for over 35 years. Yet its contestants still find a way to surprise us.

Getting a puzzle right with only a few letters on the board is borderline impossible unless you’re really lucky or really good. However, one contestant guessed an entire 17 letter puzzle with just one letter.


This amazing guess came from a contestant named Rufus. The phrase was in the event category, and Pat asked Rufus his letter. He guessed a T, and one golden letter lit up. The other 16 letters were completely blank.

The phrase could have still been anything at this point. But somehow, with 16 blank letters and 1 letter that wasn’t even vowel, Rufus screamed “Championship Match”.


There was a second of complete silence, and Pat was awed. “That’s right” said Pat. The entire room burst into applause at the announcement, and Pat took his earnings from $1,700 to $7,100 in less than 5 seconds.

Rufus has made headlines because of his lucky, skilled guess. It’s not the first time that a contestant has guessed a phrase with one letter, but it still doesn’t happen often.

It’s no wonder why this show is still so popular after almost five decades!